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Build your KPIs from your strategic plan using a balanced scorecard approach

A balanced scorecard is a part of strategic performance management system that helps companies monitor the delivery of their strategic goals.

Start with the overall mission and vision of the organization, balanced scorecards align business activities with the company's vision and monitor business performance against strategic goals.

Watch this webinar to learn how to set your strategic goals, define your action plans and develop KPIs and metrics using a balanced scorecard approach.

Learn about: 

  • What is balanced scorecard and how this approach helps decision makers to monitor the delivery of their strategic goals.
  • Expert guidance on how to build and implement a balanced scorecard to measure your business's performance.
  • How WrxFlo can help automate your balanced scorecard from Excel sheets to a digital platform.


Jennifer Kelly
Business Strategic advisor & CCO of WrxFlo

  • 20 years’ international experience in Director level roles across global supply chain operations.
  • Expert in key challenges and metrics that are required to drive business growth and customer experience.
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