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As part of the WrxFlo Digital (Paperless) Manufacturing - WrxFlo launch its unique Operator Screen, offering vital information available at the click of a button. WrxFlo Operator Screen is a unique solution to meet the modern challenges faced by manufacturers across the globe. This new product provides an all-in-one solution that reduces waste and allows the operator to work more effectively. If you've been struggling to connect different sources of data to get a complete overview of manufacturing operations, WrxFlo Operator Screen will be a great help.

Proven business impact on profit/efficiency​

  • Paper in the cell's reduction by 99%​​
  • Cost per Box/transformation cost reduction by 15% (Clients are seeing €3M+ savings)
  • Capacity increased by 40%​
  • ​Improvement in customer delivery - 98%​

Key Benefits to Management

  • Fight back against rising costs by reducing waste and improving manufacturing efficiencies
  • ​Track the activity of each operator
  • ​Management overview of overall factory performance, including customer orders and experience
  • ​All management metrics are live
  • ​All-in-one solution for manufacturing management
  • ​Cloud-based information available worldwide at the touch of a button
  • ​​Short implementation period
WrxFlo Operator Screen dashboard jpg
WrxFlo Operator Screen Custom Mockup jpg

Key Benefits to Operators

  • Houses all the tools, drawings and gauges the operator needs for the job
  • ​Outlines the operator targets for their shift, so they understand their targets
  • ​An easy-to-use display of information to show the operator if they are on or off track
  • ​Drill-down functionality, which showcases the issues
  • ​Downtime can be easily logged
  • ​Product design and drawings are stored within the system



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